Wash basins are crucial for achieving good hygiene practices. In any industrial workplace, hygiene and safety are vital, and those standards are there for a reason. However, achieving and exceeding sanitation guidelines in such places is possible only with the best cleaning technology. Implementing the appropriate industrial cleaning machines in your workplace is the best place to start. They offer an effective way to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. Especially, in production areas where the risk of contamination presents a substantial hazard for the business.

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NIEROS® offers complete industrial hygiene solutions, which include state-of-the-art hygiene systems, equipment and stations. All designed to maintain a clean and sterile work environment while covering sanitary needs at every stage of the production process. Made of high-quality stainless steel machines, such as wash basins, offer reliability, stability, longevity and quick return on investment. Due to their remarkable structure, they are versatile, sustainable, easy to maintain and user-friendly.

Washing solutions will help your business establish proper hygiene practices for the personnel entering the production area. Hand cleaning systems, such as wash basins, are critical in meeting the hygiene standards of HACCP, IFS, NSF and others. With user-friendly features, they prevent product contamination which is often a result of insufficient hand cleaning.


The hand cleaning process and the most effective use of wash basins

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Hygiene systems offer a wide array of hand cleaning solutions such as wash basins, hand-washing accessories, hand hygiene control and Dyson AirbladeTM hand dryers. All are ergonomically designed and offer the user floor or wall-mounted, self-standing and sensor or knee-operated systems.

Most of them are modular units combining multiple operations in one. That ensures thorough cleaning and disinfection process and applies the proper sanitary practices.

The hand cleaning process begins with efficient soaping, followed by a rigorous rinse under running water. After drying, hand disinfection takes place. This step is essential for destroying bacteria and germs. Are you still on the fence about whether industrial cleaning machines are the right decision for your business? How could they possibly be different from the ones you use now?

Washing solution by NIEROS® offers a well-managed and thoroughly planned process, assisting the employees to follow each step without skipping any. A turnstile-controlled passage further ensures that only the employees with their hands adequately cleaned enter the production area.

Why are industrial cleaning machines from stainless steel the best choice for you


A wash basin is the perfect choice for every industry, following the highest hygiene standards. If you are looking for supreme-quality, effective, sustainable and heat-resistant industrial cleaning solutions – stainless steel is the best material to look for. Material is resistant to chipping, scratches, cracking or other common damages and also – the most hygienic. That is why we often find them in hospitals, medical centers, kitchens and food processing industries.

Stainless steel is designed for hygiene as it is one of the simplest materials to clean by default. It will ensure that lingering germs, bacteria or viruses are washed away with ease. It is also one of the most versatile and flexible materials on the market, which will assure easy alignment at any facility. Due to its professional look, this timeless material is the gold standard of all industries. It is stylish, sophisticated and blends perfectly with other units. And last but not least, it is an affordable option for facilities looking to enhance the way their hygiene systems operate and perform.


High-quality and user friendly stainless steel wash basins by NIEROS®


Wash basins manufactured by NIEROS® are made entirely of stainless steel and offer a wide variety of accessories and functions. Depending on the number of employees, it is possible to choose a single or multi-place wash basin, which can be wall or floor-mounted. The hygiene efficiency and user experience are also improved by numerous accessories such as a sensor or knee-operated systems. These come in different arrangements and sizes that can be single or double-sided. They are delivered ready to be installed with stainless steel water tap, a stable splash-back and a water mixing valve that reaches from 35 °C to 65 °C.

wash basin as a washing-solution

Wash basins are high-performing, enduring, adaptable and reliable industrial cleaning machines that are perfect for various industries. The models such as NIEROS® Washbasin BW consist of a single washing place unit which allows them to fit perfectly into confined, limited spaces. And models such as NIEROS® Washbasin WR, with six washing places combined in one, are ideal for large production areas with a considerable number of employees. All products comply with the highest quality standards and will guarantee minimal contamination risk. In-house production allows NIEROS® to perfectly manufacture any industrial machine based on the needs of the business process.