Thermal oxidizers can also be called incinerators. They are devices intended for combustion and help oversee certain industrial chemical processes by destroying and converting emissions that are produced thereby. The thermal oxidizers are a key element for many industries and can greatly improve the quality of air within the enterprise plant, leading to higher environmental and safety standards.

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How do thermal oxidizers work?

By making use of extremely high temperatures these devices provoke a reaction to combustion, leading the volatile organic compounds (VOCs), hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) or odours to oxidize. In this way, these compounds are transformed into Co2 or H2O with the help of thermal oxidizers.

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Which elements influence thermal oxidizers the most?

Time: the period of time that an organic element spends in the thermal oxidizer.

Temperature: the intense heat in the thermal oxidizer ranges between 760 and 820 degrees Celsius. Depending on the organic compound, each process demands a different temperature, where the combustion can take place.

Turbulence: the term refers to the mixing of air within the thermal oxidizer.

A functioning thermal oxidizer system can greatly improve air quality

A thermal oxidizer system can be used in practically all branches of industry, where production and manufacturing take place. The purpose of a thermal oxidizer system is to decrease the level of emissions, which are part of the afore-mentioned compounds.

Besides the obvious advantages, such as greatly improving the air quality, a thermal oxidizer system may often display other benefits. A common one is the recovery of heat, which can reduce the quantity of fuel use, needed for the oxidation process. This can reduce your energy bill and can lead to more sustainability for your company. The heat recovery process can be regenerative or recuperative.

There is a difference between a “normal” oxidizer system and a regenerative one. The latter being more efficient, it uses ceramic beds that have better thermal efficiency. The polluted air stream passes through the different beds and then into the combustion chamber, where it combusts. The efficiency rate of regenerative systems is around 99 per cent.

The cleaned air then passes through another ceramic bed, where up to 97 per cent of the heat goes back into the actual device. The heat is periodically reused and the air stream direction reversed. The clean, cool air is let into the atmosphere.

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A thermal oxidizer system costs are reasonably set to balance out the risks

Now that you know the benefits and uses of it, you’re probably worrying about a thermal oxidizer system cost. You may be surprised to find out that there are very innovative and advanced models available for reasonable prices.

Many companies that have invested into a thermal oxidizer have confirmed that the mid-to-long- term benefits easily justify the starting investment.

Before choosing a product for your company, you should consider the following:

  • Cost of initial capital. The prices of systems can vary, depending on the size and power of the device. When calculating the initial cost, make sure to consider the actual machine, together with the transport, installation and operation start.
  • Operating cost. After the initial starting costs, make sure to calculate the cost of operation. This involves the cost of electricity, gas, maintenance and staff. If you’re still in your pre-operation phase, make sure to talk to the actors in your industry to get a realistic estimate of the costs.
  • Energy use. Don’t forget that these systems are vast and require lots of energy. You will have calculated the prices when summing up the operating cost. Now make sure to check several models of oxidizers to choose the one that offers the highest level of thermal efficiency.

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