A professional charcoal grill is one of the best inventions on the market. Grilling is the most popular cooking method in the world – and one of the healthiest. Barbecue helps lower cholesterol and lower calorie intake. Of course, meat is the main ingredient in most BBQ dishes. As an excellent source of protein, some sorts also have excess saturated fat. Usually, meat is grilled slowly on low heat, causing the fat to melt away instead of absorbing into food. When fat melts away, it leaves behind healthier meat.

Barbecue grill with oven ensures that the dishes are prepared quickly, which preserves vitamins and nutrients. There’s nothing quite like the smell and the taste of food prepared over charcoal. The smokey flavour and its unique aroma are something not many can resist. If the charcoal is prepared right, the rich aroma fills the food. Professional charcoal BBQ does not need any accelerant to light it, even though it might be tempting sometimes. Adding an accelerant is not only dangerous but also affects the food taste. So when barbecuing – patience is key.

Professional charcoal grill

The best features of barbecue grill with oven

A professional charcoal grill was designed to lower the cost of operations and to create better dishes. Carefully selected materials and meticulous manufacturing resulted in the high quality and reliability of the products. Innovative robot and laser technology are the reasons behind high repeatability and durability. Professional charcoal BBQ is a complex product with incredible functionality and vital details that make work in the kitchen simpler. One, of the main features, and not an insignificant detail in a busy kitchen, are light-weight doors. An exceptional system allows the chefs to open and close the door using only one finger.

While elegant and timeless design allows the apparatus to be placed in plain view, optional extras ensure that BBQ adjusts to every demand or need. The ideal combination of oven and grill allows professional and amateur chefs to prepare succulent and flavourful dishes. Barbecue grill with oven has a 50% lower charcoal consumption than other grills on the market of the same capacity. It is also up to 40% faster, meaning it will have up to 66% more throughput. Quality manufacturing results in an even and quick heat distribution, giving the food substantial consistency.

barbecue grill with oven

Difference amongst the professional charcoal BBQs

A barbecue grill with oven allows the chef to prepare many different dishes. Continuously high temperatures allow simple food preparation – from meat, vegetables, fish and even pizza. The two hatches regulate the heat in the apparatus. When igniting the kindling, they should both be opened. Once the oven reaches the desired temperature, the bottom hatch must close. The heath is from then on regulated using the top hatch. The entire range of professional charcoal grills has an elegant yet modern design with a beautiful and functional exterior. There are multiple layouts on the market, and their versatility is unmatched among professional grills.

The main difference between the models is size – while some were manufactured for smaller restaurants with up to 50 seats, the others were made for larger restaurants serving 110 guests. The larger equipment offers the comfort of grilling simultaneously on two levels. Some professional charcoal BBQ models have an additional heated cabinet, giving the staff in the kitchen greater flexibility. The heated cabinet heats the food, keeps it warm, or cooks it slowly. While some layouts feature a heated rack, others have a stand on wheels or legs. It does not matter which model you get because all of them are manufactured from durable refractory steels that offer maximum reliability and a long life span.


What to look for in a professional charcoal grill?

A barbecue grill with oven can be a great asset to a home or a restaurant. Which one you choose largely depends on what you wish, and what are your preferences and goals. Domestic users will mostly appreciate the design, simple use, and aroma. However, the chefs will appreciate the reliability, quick use, low heat emissions, low costs of charcoal, cost-efficient use, high capacity-to-size ratio and independence from gas and electricity supply. When deciding on an adequate professional charcoal BBQ, you must understand that your equipment is just as crucial as your expertise.

Before purchasing the grill, you should consider the size and features. Think about how much you’ll use it and for how many people. Are there any specific features that you need or want? Grilling is all about high temperatures and raw coal. That is why the professional charcoal grill must be manufactured of durable material with a long life span. Even though the best quality should be your top priority, it is essential to analyse additional accessories or features. They will not only make your food more tasty, but they will also help you have the best barbecuing experience.

professional charcoal bbq